Our return guarantee

You can return the received merchandise within 14 days. We expect the packaging to be in its original condition and sealed, undamaged with no traces of being used. In addition, we will give you an extra 16 days for the return. Thus, you have 30 days to send the merchandise back.

How does the Return Policy work?

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom:
Please complete the following form here for the return consignment. You will receive a returns label sent to your email address as well as information on how to proceed further. The return fee is free of charge.


International Returns:

  • The customer bears the cost of return when items are being returned from a country that is not listed above. This includes returns from Norway.

In such cases, the customer will bear the cost of return.

For returns from Poland, return fees will need to be paid by the customer. Please complete the following form here. The returns label is sent to you via email as well as information on how to proceed further.

For returns from Italy, return fees are carried by the customer.

Please send the return packages coming from Italy to the following address:

c/o fermo deposito BRT
Via Marinoni 1

Please complete the following returns form or place a signed note with your address inside the package.


Returns from Slovenia are processed via the Slovenian Postal Service and are therefore free of charge. Please attach a label carrying the following returns address and take the parcel to your nearest Post Office:

niceshops GmbH
p.p. 122
2212 Sentilj


Return fees are incurred by the customer. Please send the return package to:

niceshops GmbH
c/o Burri
Moos 2
6102 Malters

General Information Regarding Returns:

If you are returning your products by mail, please note:

  • It may take up to 7 days until your package arrives (or more, if you are located outside of Europe)
  • The returned items are processed within 5 working days (excluding Saturdays) after they are received.
  • The parcel should be packed securely and with care, and sent by mail to ensure that the items are not damaged during transportation.
  • You should attain a proof of shipment and store it until you have received the refund or a replacement parcel.
  • Items that are returned using a different courier or postal service are not free of charge.
  • Please place a signed letter inside the package. The letter must include your address, the reason for return and order number. This applies to ALL returns.

How do I receive my refund?

As soon as your package is returned to us, your money will be refunded.

Depending on which payment method you chose, you will receive:

  • with an advance payment, a credit to your bank account. Provide your bank details so that we can process the transfer.
  • with PayPal, credit on your PayPal account.
  • with an instant transfer, credit on your bank account. Provide us with your banking details in oder for us to process the transfer.
  • with credit card, credit to your credit card.
  • with direct debit, credit to your bank account.
  • with invoice, you only pay for the goods kept..
  • with cash on delivery you need to notufy us by sending your banking details in oder for us transfer the amount already paid.

The refund is carried out within a few days. If you have any questions you can contact us at any time us!


For the prompt processing of your complaint , the Biolindo UK team is at your disposal at any time.

Please contact us via E-Mail or telephone.

Please Note: In the event that your parcel or your products arrive damaged, we require a picture of the parcel and the damaged items in order to claim the damage. Please send us these pictures with as much information as possible regarding the damage in an email to