Wednesday, 03. October 2018 Natural Couch Detergents

How much time do you spend on your sofa? Think about it. We spend watch television while eating on the couch, enjoy a good movie while enjoying some chips or invite friends over for a good long chat and some coffee. Even when purchasing a stain...

Monday, 10. April 2017 Household Cleaner Essentials

When your cleaning cabinet is bursting at its seams, it is probably high time to rethink which household cleaning agents to discard with and which to keep. It is unnecessary to hoard endless amounts of cleaning products designed to cater to but...

Monday, 23. May 2016 How To | A Clean Dishwasher

Not only are these DIY tips on how to properly clean your dishwasher, eliminating any unwanted food residues, limescale deposits and unpleasant odours great for the care and maintenance of your dishwasher, but they are natural too!