Folia Balsam Fabric Softener

Gentle on your clothes, environmentally friendly

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Softens clothing
  • Very skin friendly
  • Residue-free
  • With lavender oil
  • ICEA and Cruelty Free certified
  • Leaping Bunny
    Leaping Bunny
  • ICEA
  • Vegan Society
    Vegan Society


Balsam fabric softener

This balsam fabric softener by Folia only contains surfactants from plant origin, is very skin friendly and is very gentle on the environment.


  • suitable for colors, whites, delicates and wools
  • for hand and machine washing
  • ensures smooth, soft fibers
  • very skin friendly, especially for people with allergies
  • pleasantly fresh scent of lavender through pure essential oils
  • surfactants of vegetable origin, obtained from organic olive oil
  • free of synthetic fragrances and dyes
  • highly biodegradable, environmentally friendly


A .5L bottle is sufficient for about 25 wash loads. The dosage refers to washing machines with a capacity of 4.5 kg. Machine wash: add 20ml in the fabric softener slot or directly to the laundry in the machine. We recommend the use of a measuring cup Hand wash: add 10ml to 5 liters of warm water. Soak the clothes to be treated and mix by hand, so that all clothes are completely drenched. Soak for approximately 10 to 15 minutes then rinse properly, press out the water gently and then hang up or dry.

After soaking, do not rinse!
Squeeze out excess water gently, do not twist clothes!
Keep container stored in a cool and dry place!

Handwash 10 ml
Machine wash 20 ml
Types of Products: Fabric Softener
Brands: Folia
Properties : Vegan
Certificates: Leaping Bunny, ICEA, Vegan Society


Ingredients (INCI): Aqua (Water), Diolivoylethyl Hydroxyethylmonium Methosulfate, Distearoylethyl Hydroxyethylmonium Methosulfate, Dipalmitoylethyl Hydroxyethylmonium Methosulfate, Propanediol, Lavandula hybrida Oil *, acido Lattico, acido Benzoico, acido sorbico, linalool

* Ingredients from certified organic agriculture

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