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Recyclable & eco-friendly

ecoPhil, a German brand, was founded in Germany in 2018 out of respect for the environment and nature. The brand represents sustainable products of the highest quality, packed in organic material that is made using renewable raw substances.

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  • ecoPhil Odour Eliminator
    • Ideal for all pet owners
    • Eliminates odours at the source
    • Perfect for carpet, sofa, and more
  • ecoPhil Heavy Duty Detergent
    • For dark & light textiles
    • Cleans deep into the fibres
    • Effectively dissolves stains
  • ecoPhil Stain Free
    • For colourful or white laundry, and delicate textiles
    • Free from microplastics
    • With herbal active substances
  • ecoPhil SOS Stain Remover
    • Effective cleaning
    • Vegan formulation
    • Gentle on skin & textiles
    • Cleans all types of dishes
    • Removes burned-in & dried food
    • Very effective
    • Removes spots
    • For numerous textiles
    • Also ideal for prams, mattresses and furniture

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