CYCLE Cleaning Agents

CYCLE Cleaning Agents

Eco-friendly cleanser formulated with recycled raw materials

Effective and sustainable - that's what CYCLE stands for. The CYCLE range of cleaning agents is manufactured with a "super-green" approach. Not one drop of drinking water is used during the production and all the bottles are made of recycled plastic. The powerful cleaning agents are manufactured without the use of new materials to avoid the production of waste. The benefits of waste are utilised in the production of the product range. Reusing materials is the focal point - at each stage of production and company level.

CYCLE: 4 products


  • CYCLE Bathroom Cleaner
    • Removes limescale & soap deposits
    • Streak-free finish
    • Ideal for use on tiles, faucets, etc.
  • CYCLE All Purpose Cleaner
    • Removes dust, limescale & dirt
    • Fast-drying formula
    • With lavender & mint fragrance composition
  • CYCLE Concentrated Floor Cleaner
    • Very rich formula
    • Streak-free finish
    • Removes limescale & dirt
  • CYCLE Toilet Cleaner
    • Semi-liquid consistency
    • Adheres well
    • Specially designed dispensing head

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